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Great Chainsaw Equipment

Comparing the Different Chainsaw Types


There are different types of chainsaws. It is known that electric powered chainsaw is smaller and lighter than the gasoline powered one. It also comes with the flat guide bar supporting its chain and the motor. It is important to use an extension cord since the chainsaw is attached to the cord which gets the electric power from the source. There are quite a lot of uses for the chainsaw, but the primary ones are to prune branches of trees and to trim and cut medium-sized tree branches. It is also a good chainsaw to use in wood craft and wood carving since it vibrates much lesser and there is lesser kickback than the gas-powered type.


The chainsaw's blade is about 16" long. This is a very useful feature since even if the blade of the chainsaw is twice less than 16" it can still fell a tree by rotating it around the tree but this is not at all safe and practical to do.


The likes of the gas powered chainsaws reviewed on this website are required for heavy duty tasks such as cutting trees to be used for firewood. It is also used for cleaning up trees that have been felled during storms. Since it is geared towards heavy duty work, it is also expected to be of larger size. But as expected, it also results to larger kickbacks and when it comes into contact with knotted or hard wood at that. This type of chainsaws is also meant for those people who are experienced in logging.


Electric chainsaws make up for their shorter blade length and less powerful mechanism with mobility in its use and also in its user-friendliness. This can be used by the inexperienced logger and also by those loggers who prefer to use chainsaws and leg protection that can be cumbersome and very raw to operate.


You can also find cordless chainsaws that are even lighter than the electric-powered ones. These chainsaws don't have cords and they function through the use of batteries. The blade length of this type of chainsaw is 4" to 5". Every battery will give you around 15 to 30 minutes cutting time. This is quite useful when pruning low-lying tree branches.


The electric chainsaws are in the middle between the heavy duty chainsaw and the lightest one to use. Such type also uses less chain oil lubricant for it to function compared to the gas-powered ones. Whatever chainsaw type you would use, make sure that you wear the proper chainsaw safety gear.Should you want to read further, continue reading at